Baby it’s cold outside — and inside too, as I’ve set an artic cool winter scene as my desktop background.

17 Stunning #Winter Wallpapers for your desktop — all from @Unsplash!
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And on the off chance you might be pining to do the same I’ve assembled a seasonable selection of HD winter wallpapers that are well suited for use on desktop PCs and laptops and tablets and Chromebooks and phones and you get the idea.

All of the ice cold wallpapers below are sourced from Unsplash is a terrific place to find high quality, royalty free photography that you can use in projects and apps and websites …and yes: as desktop wallpaper too.

The images you see embedded below are compressed jpegs so use the links underneath to download a high-quality version direct from Unsplash (where you can also browse other images uploaded by the same artist).

Winter Wallpaper Collection

A quick glance at any of the images below should be enough to send a frosty chill rushing out to nip at the tips of your ears — which, incidentally, was the exact selection criteria I used to find them!

Now, I have tried to curate a varied set of images. Some stick to the steely tones expected of winter scenes, others showcase a richer colour palette. Winter is a beautiful season, and it comes in more than just one shade.

Ice Castles by Jacob Campbell

Finnish lamp by Mira Kemppainen

Ice #2 by Thomas Millot

Battling Winter by Ales Krivec

Backlit by Snow by Greg Rakozy

Flock of Penguins by Andy Holmes

Snowflake macro by Aaron Burden

Yosemite Tunnel by James Donovan

Birds in the snow by Marco Secchi

Empty Road by Christian Vasile

Clear Water by Ryan Louglin

Cold lake by Dominik Dombrowski

Snow pile by Fabrizio Conti

Bird in tree by Mr Hennessy

Bavarian Outback by Rosalind Lösslein

Selective focus by Olivia Basile

Snow covered Ukraine by Thomas Beckett

Do you change your wallpaper to match the seasons?
The photo at the start of the post is of Mittleberg, Austria
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