With Microsoft Edge being reborn as a a Chromium-based cross-platform web browser, devs have seen fit to give it a new logo.

The glyph, above, resembles the letter ‘e’ and is vaguely wave-shaped. Both of these are fitting motifs for an app called ‘Edge’ that’s built for surfing the web.

And shedding any link to the world’s most loathed web browser (Internet Explorer) is much overdue!

But what’s that got to do with Linux? Well, the Microsoft Edge team is still collecting feedback from Linux users about a potential Linux version of Edge.

The old Edge logo

And since almost every other Chromium-based web browser is available on Linux (including Chromium, Google Chrome, Vivaldi and Opera) it’s a fairly logical assumption to think Edge will join their ranks.

Would Edge on Linux be a positive move?

I think so; choice is good for users. Not everyone is a dyed-in-the-wool FOSS fan fan sworn off anything with a vague whiff of proprietary licensing.

And the optics of making more of its products available on a free software platform like Linux is a very beneficial one for Microsoft — it’s really driving the “love Linux” thing hard.

Would Edge on Linux be successful? That’s harder to say. Google and Microsoft both play as the open source community’s piñatas of choice, taking flak for whatever they do (and don’t) do accordingly.

But with the (relatively contained) fallout from Ubuntu developers transitioning Chromium to a Snap app to ease maintenance, Chromium-fans keen to swerve this particular format might be looking for a familiar, if different rooted alternative.

Take the Edge for Linux Survey

As a reminder, if you haven’t taken the Edge on Linux survey, it remains open for entry at the link below:

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