Ubuntu 20.04 ‘Focal Fossa’ is now officially open for development. 🎉

While this particular milestone doesn’t mean a whole lot if you’re not an Ubuntu developer, it’s an important step nonetheless.

Among the early changes to speak of:

  • Python 3.8 added (with aim to ship Python 3.8 only in Focal)
  • Perl 5.30 is included
  • s390x built targeting z13

What? I did say you need to be an Ubuntu developer to appreciate it! 😆

But, with Ubuntu 20.04 development officially getting underway, we will begin to see user-facing changes trickle out. The next few months should give us a far better idea of what the Focal Fossa will offer ahead of its appearance in April of next year.

Do remember that stability, quality, and reliability are the key pillars of any LTS release, so don’t get your hopes up for any majorly dramatic changes!

FYI: The majority of Ubuntu’s millions of users use an LTS release

As of writing there the formal Ubuntu 20.04 daily builds (i.e. ‘current’ and working) aren’t available to try, but proposed builds (i.e. ‘pending’ and might not work) are available for those who might want one.

You can expect the paragraph above, as well as this one, to evaporate once regular daily builds for the F series are produced. Chances are we’ll post a separate article to let you know when they’re out, too.

What’s your NUMBER ONE want from 20.04? Let us know below!
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