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A new version of the open source Windows clone ReactOS is now available for download.

ReactOS 0.4.12 features a ‘multitude of improvements’ throughout the would-be Windows-inspired OS, including improved font handling and new system themes, among many other changes.

This update also introduces window snapping on the desktop (I’m amazed it didn’t have this already) and adds support for the Intel e1000 NIC driver (used in virtual machines).

Kernel improvements, support for user mode DLLs, and general tweaks to many core apps also feature.

ReactOS has new system themes

I’ve covered the point and purpose of ReactOS before (well worth reading if you’re unfamiliar with the system) but suffice to say it’s neither a Linux distribution (it uses a custom NT-like kernel) or related to Ubuntu in any strict sense.

So why am I writing about?

Because as an open source project it’s doing things that no other open source project is anI think it’s worth keeping track of, even only in the rear view mirror.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in trying ReactOS — it’s a very lightweight system and can be run as a LiveCD — snag a download over on the official project website:

Download ReactOS

Just be aware that ReactOS 0.4.12 is not considered stable, feature-complete, or production-ready.

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