Not only has Mozilla suddenly revived its (much missed) Test Pilot program, but it’s using it to check the tyres on a really interesting new feature: a VPN.

The new Test Pilot site is currently home to ‘Firefox Private Network’, a beta product that, the company says, is near release.

Now, if you’ve got a fairly decent memory you’ll remember that something like this was teased a few months back under the guise of “Firefox Premium”.

Just like a regular VPN extension, the Firefox Private Network add-on sets up a secure, encrypted connection through which you can (more) safely browse.

If you use coffee shop wi-fi often, you can get peace of mind using a VPN as it also helps life harder for web snoopers and data hoovers.

For now the Firefox Private Network extension is free to test, but don’t expect it to stay fully free in the future. Mozilla says public testing will allow it to work out a viable pricing scheme.

For now Firefox Private Network is only available to Firefox users who live in the United States.

Help Test ‘Firefox Private Network’ Extension

If that includes you head over the following link to help test it out — but come back here to let those us not-stateside what you think and loan us a screenshot!

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