You can snag a FREE copy of DiRT Rally, the well-regarded rally racing game for Windows, macOS and Linux, from the Steam store — but only for this weekend.

Codemasters, who publish the game, have teamed up with Steam to give away a free, fully-featured version of the game to any Steam user who wants it — saving them $39.99!

DiRT Rally delivers an exceptional rally racing experience with more than 40 rally cars available to race on more than 70 stages.

And DiRT Rally even has a native Linux version to boot!

If you’re interested in getting behind the wheel of this wicked offer you don’t have long: DiRT Rally is free on Steam until 10AM PT on September 16, 2019.

Get DiRT Rally on the Steam Store

You’ll need a valid Steam account (free, requires e-mail) in order to redeem the offer, as well as to download and install the game.

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