Feral Interactive has announced the full version of Dirt Rally is out now on Steam for Linux.

‘Linux and Windows games can compete in multiplayer rallycross’

Pitched as ‘the world’s most authentic rally game’, DiRT Rally is the latest instalment in Codemaster’s DiRT series . It put Linux players in the driving seat of over 45 of the world’s most iconic rally cars, including the Lancia Delta S4!

“Push yourself and your car to extremes of control in Hillclimb, Rallycross and Rally races as you hurtle at breakneck speeds down the most dangerous tracks in the world,” the official blurb reads.

DiRT Rally multiplayer lets four players across Linux and Window game together. This will make Rallycross events a cross-platform contest of ultra-competitive proportions!

Feral announced that the game was Linux bound last month.

DiRT Rally features a highly sophisticated handling model that perfectly captures the feeling of tearing across the world in real rally cars.

The game features three different disciplines: rally, rallycross, and hillclimb across 70 levels. Gamers can ‘compete in championships across these disciplines to score more cars and engineers for your dedicated rally team.’

The minimum system requirements for DiRT Rally on Linux:

  • Intel Core i3-4130T or AMD FX6300
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1GB NVIDIA 650ti or AMD R9 270 graphics card (or better)
  • Ubuntu 16.10 (64-bit)

The recommended system requirements for DiRT Rally on Linux:

  • Intel Core i7-4770
  • 8GB RAM
  • 4GB NVIDIA 970 graphics card (or better)
  • Ubuntu 16.10 (64-bit)

In both instances NVIDIA graphics cards need to be running driver version 370.28, while AMD graphics cards require MESA 13.0.2+.

Buy DiRT Rally for Linux

DiRT Rally is available to buy from the Feral Store and through Steam. The game is priced at £39.99 ($59.99, €49.99) and is available as of today, March 2, 2017.

Buy DiRT Rally on Steam Store

Buy DiRT Rally on Feral Store

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