Pinebook Pro, the hotly-anticipated $199 Linux laptop from Pine64, is now available to order.

That was fast! The first pre-order batch has already sold out.

Members of the Pine64 messaging board have been able to buy the ARM-based 14-inch notebook over the course of the past few weeks. But, as of August 25, the company is widening allocation to “public” pre-orders too.

No special “coupons” or membership criteria are required; anyone with $199 (plus whatever shipping costs apply) can buy a Pinebook Pro.

Orders made in the current window are expected to be fulfilled in mid-October. But Pine64 say to not panic if you miss out on the first batch as a second pre-order window will be available in mid-September.

(Unlike traditional devices which are manufactured and then sold, Pinebook’s are — seemingly — sold and then manufactured in batches).

Uniquely, the Pinebook Pro is also not sold with a massive markup attached. Pine64 say they sell this device, like its $99 predecessor, virtually at cost.

And this altruistic approach is something buyers are encouraged to acknowledge:

“When fulfilling the purchase, please bear in mind that we are offering the Pinebook Pro at this price as a community service to PINE64, Linux and BSD communities,” they write.

“We make no profit from selling these units. If you think that a minor dissatisfaction, such as a dead pixel, will prompt you to file a PayPal dispute then please do not purchase the Pinebook Pro. Thank you.”

The idea behind this pricing strategy is to make the hardware as accessible and as affordable as possible.

One thing you should bear in mind is that the $199 unit cost does not include shipping or any import fees which you may be liable for. As of writing PayPal is the only payment method accepted:

Order the Pinebook Pro from Pine64 Store

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