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Feedreader, Liferea, and Thunderbird are three of the most popular RSS readers for Linux desktops — but now there’s a new option in town.

GNOME Feeds (since renamed to just Feeds) is a simple, no-frills RSS reader for Linux desktops built in GTK.

It doesn’t integrate or sync with a cloud-based service like Feedly or Inoreader, but it does let you add feeds manually or import them from an .opml file.

Feeds‘ focused feature set is arguably its core strength. There’s no complex set-up to go through, accounts to create, or cloud-services to authenticate. Though heavy RSS feed users will find the lack of options a downside the simplicity is, for others, sure to be appreciated.

Feeds is a GTK RSS feed client for Linux desktops

As one might expect from a desktop feed reader Feeds offer a clean, clutter-free way to read the latest posts from your favourite websites without opening a web browser.

A straightforward design puts all the features you need within easy reach meaning there are no endless menus to mouse though to find a particular function.

Just add an RSS feed (or enter a website and let the app find the relevant Atom or RSS address for it) and away you go. When new posts are published they will filter through to the app on the next sync.

Feeds lets you:

  • Mark individual posts as read/unread
  • Save articles to read offline anytime
  • Browse articles by feed
  • Show newer articles first
  • Choice of reader modes, including web view
  • Responsive design

You can customise the experience further with settings to:

  • Show newer articles first
  • Open links in default browser
  • Set ‘maximum article age’
  • Enable dark theme
  • Disable client-side decoration
  • Import/export ompl feed lists

You can install Feeds from Flathub, the Flatpak app store. We have a guide on how to install Flatpak on Ubuntu if you don’t currently have it set up.

If you’re reading from Arch Linux you can install this app from the AUR.

I’m still waiting on Raven (an open source Electron app) to add support for Feedly (it currently supports Inoreader only)

What services/apps do you use to read RSS feeds on Linux?
Don’t forget to add the omg! ubuntu! RSS feed too!
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