Feedreader, Liferea, and Thunderbird are three of the most popular desktop RSS readers for Linux, but now there’s a new option on the scene.

GNOME Feeds app is simple, no-frills desktop RSS reader for Linux systems. It doesn’t integrate or sync with a cloud-based service, like Feedly or Inoreader, but you can import a list of feeds via an .opml file.

“Power” users of RSS feeds will likely find that GNOME Feeds a little too limited for their needs. But the lean feature set is, arguably, what will make this app appeal to more casual users.


GNOME Feeds offer up a clean, clutter-free way to read the latest posts from your favourite websites. Just add a feed using the in-app option and, as new posts are published, they’ll filter through to the app.

  • Marks posts as read/unread
  • Save articles to read offline anytime
  • Filter articles by feed
  • Range of ‘reader modes’, including web view
  • Responsive design

You can install GNOME Feeds from Flathub, the Flatpak app store. If you’re reading from Arch Linux you’ll find this app in the AUR.

still waiting on Raven (an open source Electron app) to add support for Feedly (it currently supports Inoreader)

RSS users: what service and app do you use to read feeds?
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