The PineBook Pro pre-orders go live on July 25, 2020 meaning now is an apt time to get a closer look at how the hotly anticipated Linux laptop is shaping up.

And what do you know, Pine64’s Lukasz Erecinski has duly obliged! He shot and uploaded a short showcase of how some of the ARM laptop’s prowess is looking.

He demos the (smooth) 1080p and 4K video playback, WebGL demo, connecting to an external monitor through the USB Type-C port, plus offers some info about screen tearing and smoothness.

You can watch the nearly 14 minute video clip in the embed below (link here if you can’t see it).

“So many of you asked if I could put together a quick movie to showcase the final build that will ship with the Pinebook Pro, so here it is,” Pine64’s Lukasz Erecinski writes.

His video is shot as-is; there’s no editing. It means everything you see is raw but real: we see the stuff the works, and the minor hiccups.

As a few commenters on YouTube point out, I find this a reassuring approach, especially at this stage. It helps ensure potential buyers of the first production run (which may have a few wrinkles ironed out in subsequent batches) are fully aware of what they’re purchasing at this point.

“I am well aware that the quality is awful – no need to point it out ;) Think of this as us chilling out over a pint and me just showcasing the thing to you rather than a ‘professional video showcase’ – PR and marketing is really not my strong suit.”

And no, I’m not learning editing software or getting proper recording equipment either…”, he quips.

Pre-orders for the Pinebook Pro go live on July 25 on the official Pine64 website, though do note that Pine64 forum members (who joined before July 1 get pre-order priority — and a free 128GB eMMC upgrade.

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