I bring a welcome word to the bookworms amongst you wanting to try the Foliate eBook reader on Linux: it’s now available outside of Flathub.

Foliate is a terrifically well-designed, well-built and well-featured GTK eBook reader for Linux desktop. The app supports the .epub format exclusively, a focus that enables it to deliver some first-rate user experience.

But short of building it from source, the only way to install Foliate on Ubuntu has been via the Flatpak build on Flathub. While it’s relatively easy to set-up and install Flatpak on Ubuntu, some folks flatly don’t want to.

Which is why I’m pleased to hear that the new Foliate 1.4.0 release is available to download in a traditional installer package — no Flatpak required!

Foliate 1.4.0 Intros New Features

Aside from offering a new package, Foliate 1.4.0 features a host of improvement and enhancements that further cement its place as the best eBook reader for Ubuntu.

Building up on its existing feature set (which, as we’ve covered in earlier posts, is pretty expansive) the app adds:

  • Alternative sidebar UI
  • Wikipedia and offline dictionary lookup
  • Support for Google Translate
  • Configure default action when words are selected
  • Popup footnote support
  • Option to “find” within current chapter only

The new version fro the app no longer depends on libsoup and the minimum GJS version has been lowered to 1.52, meaning the app is now compatible with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS!

Download Foliate 1.4.0 for Ubuntu

You can download and install Foliate on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or above using the following installer.

Now, there are no guarantees that a traditional installer will be produced for every future Foliate update, so you may want to stick with the Flathhub version instead.

But if you’re just curious to try the app out without busting your bandwidth, smush the .css mask below to grab a 64-bit installer.

Download Foliate 1.4.0 for Ubuntu (64-bit)

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