The Foliate ebook reader app for Linux has added support for additional ebook formats, including those used by the Amazon Kindle.

Now, I’m conscious that I’ve mentioned Foliate a lot recently. I generally don’t like to do that — anyone remember the omg! docky! days? — but some developers are so dang prolific, able to knock out notable update after notable update at a regular clip, that I have no choice!

Foliate’s developer, John Factotum, is one such dev — nice work!

Foliate 1.5.x Release

Foliate 1.5.0

Foliate 1.5.x series debuted this weekend and it brings one major change in particular: support for more ebook formats.

Foliate is now able to open .mobi, .azw and .azw3 files and display pages singularly or in the two-pane layout.

The latter set of file formats are used by the Amazon Kindle, though keep in mind that some ebooks in those formats may have DRM applied. You can use an app like Calibre to ‘free’ eBooks you’ve purchased.

Foliate 1.5.x now allows annotations to be exported to HTML, plain text or JSON (which is handy if you regularly move between devices). This update also intros basic text-to-speech support using eSpeak NG and Festival (you’ll need those dependencies installed on your system to make use of it).

Foliate is free, open-source software. Linux users can install it from Flathub, or use the installer provided via the project’s Github page:

Download Foliate 1.5.3 for Ubuntu (64-bit)

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