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Foliate Ebook Reader Picks Up Mobi & Amazon Kindle Support

The Foliate ebook reader app for Linux desktops adds support for additional ebook formats, including those used by the Amazon Kindle.

15 July 2019

A Promising New eBook Reader for Linux Appears

I don’t spend as much time reading as I should, even though I own a Kindle and an Android tablet. It’s not that I have a shortage of things to read, either. I have a […]

14 September 2016
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Meet Open-Source eBook Editing/Publishing App ‘BookType’

A new open-source digital writing and publishing platform has been launched by non-profit group Sourcefabric. Booktype allows for collaborative editing and writing of books that can be easily outputted to on-demand print services and eReaders […]

14 February 2012
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‘Ubuntu Pocket Guide’ author releases $0.99 Kindle books

Keir Thomas, author of the hugely successful 'Ubuntu Pocket Guide', has released two new Ubuntu-based books on Amazon's Kindle bookstore.

21 March 2011