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A brand new website makes it easier to find Linux apps, regardless of their packaging format or app store host.

The broadly named “Linux App Store” — update: formerly at, but no longer online — is a free, online hub where you can search for applications by name to check whether they’re available on the Snapcraft Store, the Flathub website, or the AppImage directory.


Because searching all three stores separately is a heck of a hassle! Ubuntu, for instance, only shows repo apps and snaps in Ubuntu Software on the desktop, whereas the GNOME Software app on Fedora only shows repo apps and Flathub results.

This online store cuts through that to show all apps, from any source.

Linux App Store Website

Everyone and their pet budgie could’ve predicted that that the competition between these new-fangled, catch-all “distro agnostic” app package n’ distribution formats would result in head-scratching for users, and tough decisions for app maintainers.

“Find the app you want, regardless of which app store it’s distributed on”

Some well-known apps are available as Snap, but not Flatpak or AppImage; some only as a Flatpak and a Snap; others packaged exclusively in AppImage.

Others, like VS Code, are “officially” maintained on one store, but not another.

While I suspect the broad majority care more about the app than the distribution method — I certainly do — there’s a growing sense of tribalism; you feel like you have to pick a camp and stick with it.

Well I say baloney to that.

The “Linux App Store” website makes it easier to care less about the distribution method, and more about what is simply available. It lets you find the app you want, regardless of which store hosts on.

Easy to use, centralised hub

Using Google’s “Material Design” style gives the Linux App Store a familiar, if unoriginal, look. I personally find the official web fronts to Flathub and the Snapcraft Store a tad more engaging, especially because of their well-proportioned layouts.

From the site you can search for apps by name, filter results based on packaging format, browse a selection of “recently updated” apps, or “discover” new apps from a featured section.

Search results are badged by the icon of their respective app store. This makes it easier for you to know app is available where: search results
Notice the icons in the lower-left hand corner

Clicking on any result will redirect you to the application’s listing on its respective store. For example, clicking the VLC Snappy result above takes me to this page on the Snapcraft store, while the VLC AppImage result points here.

The source code for the app store website is freely available on Github. There, folks can report issues or chip in with ideas and suggestions.

To check the app store out for yourself just hit the button below.

This website is no longer online, but the Git repo hosting it is.
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