If you’re on the hunt for a simple VNC viewer client for Ubuntu or similar Linux distributions, check out this app, called ‘Remotely‘.

“Remotely is a simple, straight-forward remote desktop viewer for Linux”

‘Remotely’ is a simple, straight-forward remote desktop viewer for Linux desktops that supports common authentication methods.

Designed for the GNOME Shell desktop and created by Felix Häcker of Gradio/Shortwave fame, Remotely sports a simple design, is simple to use, and also simple to install.

You just open the app, pop in the hostname of the screen you want to connect to via VNC, enter the relevant password, and you’re set!

remotely vnc viewer app for ubuntu linux
Remotely has a straight-forward UI

As a VNC viewer the app comes with a small set of view options, including best fit, fit to window, or view at original size.

There’s also a ‘view only mode’ option if you don’t want to ‘interact’ with the OS being shared.

Remotely is a VNC viewer for Ubuntu
Remotely is a VNC viewer for Ubuntu

Simple by design, Remotely is not packed full of advanced features.

Remotely does not have VNC server capabilities built-in. While you can connect to a VNC server on a different device you cannot use the app to ‘share’ a desktop with another device.

So if you need an expansive, fully featured remote desktop client with support for protocols other than VNC, stick with Remmina — it even comes preinstalled in Ubuntu!

Otherwise, have at it!

Remotely is free, open source software. It’s available to install from Flathub, the Flatpak app store:

View ‘Remotely’ on Flathub

You’ll find code, and space to file bugs or issues, on the Remotely Gitlab page.

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