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It’s finally possible to sync OneDrive files on Linux using the third-party sync tool Insync 3.

Developers behind the paid, proprietary cloud storage syncing tool, which has long boasted robust Google Drive integration, announced plans to support Microsoft OneDrive back in February this year.

Fast forward a few months and that OneDrive support is ready for testing via a new dedicated beta build for Windows, macOS and Linux desktops.

Insync 3: OneDrive Linux Support

Insync 3 running on Linux
Sync Google Drive, OneDrive, or both

Like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive is a free cloud storage service that works across multiple platforms, including mobile.

But, also like Google Drive, there’s no official OneDrive client for Linux. It is left to third-party tools and scripts, like Insync, to fill the feature void.

While Insync isn’t free to use it has been around a long time (first launched in 2012) and is generally considered to be a reliable, popular, and user-friendly sync tool.

With the launch of Insync 3 later this year the tool will level up by expanding its’ sync capabilities to support Microsoft OneDrive sync on Linux systems.

While it’s already possible to use OneDrive on Linux using several CLI scripts, a robust and reliable GUI client has long been desired by users less familiar with terminal-based tools.

New Sync Engine Too!

As well as adding OneDrive support the Insync 3 beta also humming atop a new sync engine rebuilt from the ground up in Python 3, and dubbed “Core 3”.

Insync say the new and improved sync engine enables a slate of new and improved capabilities, including:

  • Faster sync speeds
  • Simplified set-up
  • Revised sync ui
  • Separate sync folders
  • 64-bit builds for macOS and Linux

Alas, it’s not all additions: InSync 3 comes with no headless mode and no command line interface.

Download Insync 3 Beta

You can download the Insync 3 beta for Windows, macOS and (most importantly) Linux from the Insync 3 beta website.

If you plan to test OneDrive sync out do bear in mind that this is a beta, there will be bugs, and some features are yet to be implemented.

As Insync 3 is still in beta some functions are not yet available or working properly, including:

  • Sync Any Folder 
  • Progress Bar
  • Changing default sync location
  • Pause & resume syncing
  • Docs Conversion
  • Symlinks
  • Cloud Shortcuts (open, rename, delete)

Existing InSync 1.5 users are also advised NOT to reuse existing sync folders with the beta client.

There are two 64-bit installers for Ubuntu: one for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and one, linked below, for 18.04 LTS.

Download Insync 3 Beta (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)

The 18.04 installer can be used on more recent versions of Ubuntu, including Ubuntu 19.04.

There’s also an optional Nautilus extension you can install alongside the sync client to access some file-browser power-ups. Note that the Nautilus extension might not work with more recent versions of Nautilus.

Btw, OneDrive Linux Sync is Free During Beta

During the Insync 3 beta period you can sync data to and from Google Drive and/or OneDrive for free — no subscription is required at this time.

Beta testing are also expected to provide feedback and file bug reports to help improve the client.

However, once the app leaves beta you will be required to subscribe to one of Insync’s various paid plan (if you don’t already) to continue using the client. More details on the extract costs will, I imagine, be made available nearer stable launch.

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