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google drive ocamlfuse on linux graphic

VGrive is a Google Drive Linux Client Written in Vala, Designed for elementaryOS

Vgrive is a free Google Drive Linux client 'designed for elementary OS' but also available to download and install on Ubuntu and Linux Mint desktops.

28 October 2019

InSync 3 Released, Brings OneDrive Sync to Linux

InSync 3 has been released with OneDrive sync, a faster, more reliable sync engine, and better selective sync options for Windows, macOS and Linux users.

19 September 2019
Insync 3 beta screenshot

Use OneDrive on Linux with the Insync 3 Beta

Users can sync OneDrive files on Linux using a beta build of third-party cloud storage sync client Insync, which is available for free during testing.

26 May 2019
google drive ocamlfuse on linux graphic

ODrive is a No-Frills Google Drive Client for Linux

With no official Google Drive Linux client available, it’s left to third-party apps, devs services to fill the file-syncing void for FOSS fans. And boy are there are a lot of options out there that […]

20 February 2019
insync onedrive linux client

InSync is Bringing OneDrive to Linux

Linux users will soon have a new way to access and sync OneDrive on Linux.  Insync, makers of a popular third-party Google Drive syncing client for Linux (and Windows and macOS), have decided to add another […]

6 February 2019

How to Schedule File Backups to Google Drive on Ubuntu

The Deja Dup backup tool is preinstalled on the Ubuntu desktop by default — but like many, I don’t use it. Or rather I didn’t, not until this week when I learned that Deja Dup can […]

30 July 2018
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Ugh, It Doesn’t Look Like Google’s New Google Drive Client Is Coming to Linux

'Backup and Sync' is the name of Google's all-new Google Drive desktop client. The rejigged and refreshed app is being released later this month.

14 June 2017

KDE Plasma Is Adding Google Drive Integration

A developer has this week shown off KDE Google Drive integration working with the Dolphin file manager and the KDE equivalent of Online Accounts.

15 May 2017
google drive ocamlfuse on linux graphic

Mount Your Google Drive on Linux with google-drive-ocamlfuse

For a fast way to mount Google Drive on the Linux desktop try google-drive-ocamlfuse. It lets you access your files, copy them, edit them, and much more.

19 April 2017

OverGrive is a Google Drive Desktop Client for Linux

If you’re looking for a way to sync your Google Drive to your Linux desktop, the following app may be worth a look. It’s called OverGrive and it’s a closed-source, paid application. But don’t let that […]

27 October 2016

How To Access Your Google Drive on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Want to access your Google Drive files natively on the Ubuntu desktop? You can, and here's how.

4 August 2016
Google Drive Linux

GNOME 3.18 Will Let You Access Your Google Drive Files in Nautilus

GNOME 3.18 is to introduce native support for Google Drive through the default GNOME file manager 'Files' (formerly Nautilus).

8 September 2015