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Ding! You’ve got mail

A major new release of Geary, the open-source desktop email client for Linux, is available to download.

Geary 0.13 makes the nimble mail client faster and more stable in day-to-day use. It also improves the process of adding and managing email accounts.

Why use Geary?

Geary is a GTK-based mail app that lets you read, find and send email through a modern interface replete with GNOME Shell desktop integrations (notifications, GNOME Online Accounts, etc). 

One major reason for using Geary over, say, Mozilla Thunderbird or Evolution is that it’s built around  “conversations” rather than individual mails.

If you’re used to the ‘Gmail’ way of reading mail, where replies are readable from the email they’re replying to, then Geary is a must. You don’t need to open each message or reply individually in-orderto read a complete discussion. 

Geary 0.13 Features

Geary 0.13 is the first “major” update to Geary this year. It follows a couple of modest bug-fix and minor patch releases.

Geary 0.13 delivers a wealth of improvements to its key sell of conversations. Email discussions now load faster, smoother, and provide better ‘feedback’. Individual messages in a conversation can now be deleted, too.

The email composer sees a raft of betterments. The composer is now equipped to handle ordered and unordered lists, handle rich text pastes, and, when run detached, remembers the last used window size.

As of this update Geary now supports email accounts added to GNOME Online Accounts (which offers support for most major web mail providers). This saves you having to use enter your mail details again in the Geary account creation wizard.

Other changes:

  • Unread email count updates correctly
  • Email flagged as deleted now hidden
  • Working internal links in HTML email 
  • Better reporting when a login, security or other problem occurs
  • Reduced background synchronisation CPU use
  • Improved handling when going online and offline
  • In-app notification when email is sent
  • Flag possibly spoofed email addresses
  • Improve privacy when sending email using an alias

In all, a welcome batch of updates.

How to Install Geary on Ubuntu

The Geary PPA is no longer maintained. Geary developers recommend users install the app from Flathub.

It’s easy to install Geary on Ubuntu from Ubuntu Software. Just search it out by name and hit the ‘install’ button to get it.

However, you won’t get the latest release, featuring the changes mentioned above, by installing the app in this way.

Instead, to install the latest Geary release on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and above you must add the Geary Team PPA to your software sources. Add this PPA to get the newest version of the user-friendly email client and receive future updates as they’re released, too.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:geary-team/releases
sudo apt install geary

Geary is also available to install from Flathub, the Flatpak app store. Check out our guide on how to install Flatpak on Ubuntu to get Flatpak up and running so that you can install software from Flathub.

Do you use the Geary email client? What features would you like it to add next?
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