Turok Remaster is out now on Linux & macOS

A remastered version of ‘Turok: Dinosaur Hunter’ has arrived on Linux.

The game first found fame on the Nintendo 64 back way back in 1997, where it helped define the fledgling first-person shooter genre for an entire generation of gamers. 

Now a high-definition, remastered port is available to play on Linux, having stomped its way on to the Xbox One in May,

But is Turok a fossilised relic of gaming past, or a game with plenty of bite left to give?

Let’s find out…

Turok Remastered

If you’ve never heard of Turok, much less played it, then you’re in for a real treat.

Turok combines elements of Doom (FPS), Tomb Raider (exploration, puzzles) and Jurassic Park (dinosaurs, epic weaponry) to colossally great effect.

Turok still has bite; it offers fantastically frenetic FPS fun that’s perfect for new and older gamers alike

The game tasks you with exploring a volatile 3D environment to find pieces of an ancient artefact known as the “Chronoscepter”.

To uncover all 8 parts you have to run, jump, and climb your way around an increasingly hostile world while armed with one of 14 high-tech weapons. Things aren’t simple as they sound; you have to solve puzzles, dodge traps, and battle bio-engineered dinosaurs and aliens at almost every turn.

Developed by Night Dive Studios, the Turok remaster improves on the game’s earlier PC incarnations. There are crisp, sharp widescreen HD graphics, an OpenGL backend, and some (slightly) improved level designs, plus:

  • Improved gameplay
  • Dynamic lighting, water effects, etc
  • Original PC CD soundtrack option
  • Option to configure keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs
  • New Steam Achievements
  • Unlocked cheats are now saved
  • New time trial mode

If there are any drawbacks it’s the level design. Compared to modern standards — we’re truly spoiled with lush, rich, varied open worlds these days — the in-game world feels super simplistic. The presentation is faithful to the original game of course, but that is perhaps to a fault.

Turok Dinosaur hunter: remastered screenshot

Despite that flaw Turok still has plenty of bite left in it.

The game offers fantastically frenetic FPS fun that is perfect for both wannabe time-travellers hoping to relive their childhood and the more modern-day gamer hunting for something with a bit of history to it.

Turok should run well on most modern systems

If you try it out for yourself be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments!

Turok Linux System Requirements

Turok should run well on most relatively modern systems. You’ll get the best performance from a system running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (or later) with an Intel Core i5 (or better) processor, and 2GB RAM (or more).

Graphics wise the game asks for NVIDIA GeForce 7800/7900/8600 series, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2600/3600 or X1800/X1900 series supporting OpenGL 2.1 Core.

Buy Turok Remastered for Linux

You can buy the Turok Remaster for SteamOS and Linux (as well as Windows and macOS, if you’d rather use those) from the Steam store:

Buy Turok on Steam

The game is part of the current Steam Summer Sale, which means you can snag it for just $4.99 — that’s less than the cost of a movie ticket to see the latest Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie and just as much fun.

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