kdenlive beta release

Keen to help kick the tyres on a new and improved version of the open-source Kdenlive video editor?

Well, now you can.

A new public beta release of next-generation Kdenlive is available to for testing.

The refactored build comes with a leaner and more stable codebase that’s lays a foundation on which newer, more advanced features can be built.

But while there’s plenty to be excited about in the new-fangled build you shouldn’t expect perfection just yet, as the Kdenlive devs caution in a blog post:

“There are some rough edges, it’s not ready for production yet as compatibility with older project files is not finalized and a lot of work is still required to fix the many remaining quirks, but we are on good tracks to bring you a modern, stable and enjoyable open source editor.”

But if you’re Interested to sample the progress you can do so with ease.

Hit the button below to download the latest Kdenlive beta release as an AppImage:

Download Kdenlive 18.04 Beta (.AppImage)

Remember: to run an app image on Ubuntu (and most other distros) you need to make sure the following option is checked:

How to use an AppImage on Ubuntu

Then, to launch, just double-click on the AppImage itself.

Please keep in mind that this is a beta release for a reason. It may have bugs, missing features and unpolished edges. It’s also not fully backwards compatible with old Kdenlive project files.

As the beta build is available an AppImage you can safely run it alongside a stable release of the video editor without any conflicts or issues.

Learn how to use Kdenlive

If you’re keen to learn how to fully take advantage of the many Kdenlive features I recommend you check out the ‘toolbox’ section of the Kdenlive website. It’s stuffed full of practical information and editing tips.

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