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The Linux Mint 19 release is set to arrive in June, 2018.

The codename for the major release of the popular Ubuntu-based Linux operating system, to be based on Ubuntu 18.04, is Linux Mint 19 “Tara”.

Yes, Tara. This codename is firmly in keeping with other Linux Mint releases, all of which use female forenames.

Name aside, read on for a list of new features Linux Mint 19 includes, plus more details on the release date.

New Features in Linux Mint 19

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Linux Mint 19 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. This gives the Linux Mint team a modern yet solid foundation on which to build. It also means the distro will get critical security fixes until 2023.

Another big change, the Linux Mint 19.x series will use GTK 3.22.

Why does that matter? Well, for one, it means you will finally be able to use modern GTK themes with the Cinnamon desktop, free of quirks or issues. Plus, as GTK 3.22 is a stable release with a stable API, the update means a number of third-party apps will once again work on Mint.

Linux Mint 19 uses a new version of the Cinnamon desktop environment, Cinnamon 3.8. This update boasts a stacks of improvements in performance, as well as better HIDPI support.

Among the many Cinnamon 3.8 changes:

  • Desktop notifications have a close button
  • Super+Alt shortuct to see desklets
  • Microphone and the speakers can be muted separately
  • Configure maximum sound level
  • More responsive window animations
  • Mint-Y theme used by default

New & Improved Apps

The Timeshift system backup and snapshot tool introduced in Linux Mint 18.3 is also included here. The app lets you take snapshots of your system and, at any time, restore your system using it.

mint update in Linux Mint 19

The Software Manager (aka app store) has a new, keyboard friendly layout, and now supports .flatpakref and .flatpakrepo files.

Other core app updates include:

  • Mint Welcome app revamp
  • Nemo has full-text search
  • Mint Update improvements
  • GNOME Calendar installed by default
  • Pidgin is no longer included by default

Plus, plenty of other changes too.

Linux Mint 19 Release Date

According to the Linux Mint roadmap the Linux Mint 19 release date is set for the end of June 2018.

If you’re keep to try it out before then you can, as the Linux Mint 19 Beta is now available to download.

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