ubuntu 17.10 development

Ubuntu wants to know which apps Ubuntu YOU think it should include by default in its next LTS release, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Having crowdsourced opinions on type of GNOME Shell experience you want, Ubuntu now seeks to comb through its community’s collective softwares tastes to collate and curate a new set of default apps to include.

“With the switch from Unity to GNOME, we’re also reviewing some of the desktop applications we package and ship in Ubuntu. We’re looking to crowdsource input on your favorite Linux applications across a broad set of classic desktop functionality,” says Canonical’s Dustin Kirkland.

And chances are most of you reading this will have an opinion or two to give!

box of apps
Which apps should Ubuntu include by default?

Are you keen for Chromium to become the stock web browser? Interested in having an IDE or IRC client included by default? Of the opinion that a different office suite ought to be offered?

Whatever your opinion this is your chance to let Ubuntu know.

“Your feedback matters! There are hundreds of engineers and designers working for you to continue making Ubuntu amazing!”

Copy & Paste This List, Adding Your Preferences

To share your opinion Kirkland recommends that you copy and paste the list below, but add in your preferred apps where applicable:

  • Web Browser:
  • Email Client:
  • Terminal:
  • IDE:
  • File manager:
  • Basic Text Editor:
  • IRC/Messaging Client:
  • PDF Reader:
  • Office Suite:
  • Calendar: 
  • Video Player:
  • Music Player:
  • Photo Viewer:
  • Screen recording:


You can suggest multiple apps for each category but you must list them in order of preference (e.g., Web Browser: Chromium, Vivaldi, Lynx).

You can suggest non-free and non-open source software, but you must note this in your list (e.g,, Web Browser: Vivaldi, non-free)

If you no-longer use a desktop app for a given category, list what you do use. (E.g., Email Client: Gmail-web)

Finally if don’t have a preference for a category (though I suspect most of you do) just skip it.

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