new gimp metadata editor

The next version of GIMP will include an updated metadata viewer and a new metadata editor.

The improved features are down to GIMP developer Benoit Touchette, whose work improves the existing ‘view metadata’ box but finally makes it possible to edit metadata in GIMP.

A small slice of progress for sure, but a welcome one no less.

Metadata provides a wealth of background information about an image, embedded within the image file itself.

Photo metadata can span a broad range of details, include technical details about the device used to capture the image, like the camera model, aperture, focal length, ISO speed, etc; date and time; GPS information; and copyright details, including who took the image, licensing, title and so on.

Being able to edit metadata in GIMP is important for photographers, digital editors, and other people who make adjustments, edits and manipulations to a source file and need to amend or preserve source metadata when exporting to TIFF, JPEG, and PNG.

GIMP say both of these features will be available in GIMP 2.9.6/2.10.

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