Micro Machines: World Series is now available to buy on Steam — and it has day-one Linux support.

You may recall we got a little excited when news of this port surfaced at the end of May. Now, one month on from that news, the game is available to buy and play on Linux (and macOS and Windows) through Steam, as our good friends over Phoronix have noted.

Micro Machines, Massive Mayhem

micro machines: world series gameplay

If you’re not familiar with the Micro Machines games you’re in for a treat. I spent many hot summers in the 90s driving teeny-tiny mini-vehicles around kitchen worktops, toy rooms, and pool tables.

Micro Machines: World Series has been updated to suit the tastes of a more savvy gamer, picking up online gameplay, new actions, vehicles and customisation, as well as new weapons (including NERF guns, bombs and a hammer).

The game is primarily based around online play with limited single-player offline modes. One drawback to this is, according to a Codemaster’s rep, there is no cross-platform gameplay.

System Requirements

To run the game on Linux you’ll need an Intel i3 (or better) processor and a minimum of 4GB RAM.

Graphics wise a Radeon HD 5570 (or better) is required, ideally paired with Mesa 7.0.2 (or better). For Nvidia users a NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 is the recommended minimum graphics card, and needs version 375 of the proprietary driver.

Buy Micro Machines: World Series

Steer yourself over to Steam for more details, including pricing, platform details and user reviews.

Micro Machines: World Series on Steam

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