Are you a KDE user of Telegram CLI? If so, OMG! reader Alessandro Longo has something you might want to use.

He’s mailed in to link to a small service menu he’s written for the KDE Dolphin file manager.

It’s aim? To make sending files from your KDE desktop to your Telegram buddies a little quicker.

“Your article on Telegram CLI, it gave me inspiration to write “Send with Telegram” service menu for Dolphin,” he says.

Naturally you’ll need to already have Telegram CLI installed and set up. We’ve written about how to install Telegram CLI on Ubuntu before, so take a refresher with that post should you need to.

Once done download the ‘Send file with Telegram’ script from the KDE Store page below:

 ‘Send file with Telegram’ on KDE Store

Next, move the “telegram-file-sender” script to  ~/.script  and you should be ready to go. Open up Dolphin, find a file and right click, move into Send > to telegram contact to do exactly that.

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