kde bouncy ball
The all-new bouncy ball

Some of you may have read (and were no doubt left rather bemused by) my recent misty-eyed reminisce about the bouncy ball widget that KDE used to ship with.

Well, it seems my ode to the bright red ball did more than sire the usual complaints that content on this site ain’t waht it used to be.

In fact, I’m rather pleased to be able to type that the ball has bounced back to life!

The Ball Bounces Again

Yup, the utterly pointless but rather hypnotic bouncing ball widget is once again available to richott n’ rampage around KDE desktops everywhere.

KDE Developer Eike Hein is the chap to thank/blame accordingly, and explained more about the new version in a blog post titled “Fear not, OMG! Ubuntu! You will bounce again“.

“These days we have the sexy KDE Store going on, which is a great place to put toys and gimmicks (along with neat menus),” he writes.

“Now for some additional fine print, though: I wrote this at ludicrous speed over a Friday night, and it’s not well-tested. It behaves a little quirky sometimes (the goal was to match the original closely, but I didn’t have a running KDE 4 to refer to).”

If you (or your cat, because felines love this dang thing) never experienced the joy of the bouncy ball back (or the palm sweated panic at not being able to catch it again) you can get install the Bouncy Ball v2.1 on Plasma 5 desktops via the KDE Store.

Bouncy Ball Widget on KDE Store

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