Now that Ubuntu Budgie is an official Ubuntu flavor we’re excited see what it does next — but is the distro in need of a new logo?

The current design, pictured in the centre of the graphic below, is fairly on the nose in terms of branding. The simple circular logo positions the ‘budgie’ shape from the official Budgie desktop logo in an arrangement similar to that of the heads in the main Ubuntu logo. It looks, in many ways, like the most logical fusion of the two designs.

budgie ubuntu budgie ubuntu logos
L-R: Budgie logo; Ubuntu Budgie logo; Ubuntu logo

But some people think it could be better. Among them is Budgie user and graphics designer ~tuxillo who has created two new logo treatments for the fledgling new Ubuntu spin.

The first keeps the familiar budgerigar shape and incorporates it in to a ‘b’ (presumably for ‘Budgie’). It’s a striking alternative, though isn’t as recognisable in smaller sizes:

budgie logo alternative
Logo Choice A

Is it just me or does it looks a bit like a budgie running inside a hamster ball …in a cog? No?

Anyway, the second design dispenses with the budgerigar entirely in favour of a solid circle to better denote the ‘b’ element:

ubuntu budgie logo alternative B
Logo choice B

The protrusions in this design look a little like petals to my eye (no bad thing, and the use of green in the logo type works well, I guess).

But in both instances my mind instinctively tries to see this:

the official beats logo
Not a logo choice

How to vote on the logos

If you fancy chucking your opinion into the ring (g’won, you know you do) you can vote on the design proposals via the official Ubuntu Budgie Google+ page.

The vote is not binding, however. Budgie say it will be the development team who decide which logo to roll with, but that ‘community preference and comments will play heavily in that decision’.

Dev budgie