ubuntu 17.04 codename
The next release is as-yet unnamed

With Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak now very much out, attention will shortly turn to the next release, Ubuntu 17.04.

If tradition holds then the codename for the next release of Ubuntu will be named alliteratively with an adjective and an animal that begin with the letter ‘Z’.

Yes, Z.

But what on earth could it be?

Zealous? Zesty? Zippy? Zonal? Zany? Zygomatic?

Zebra? Zebu? Zorilla? Zebrafish? Zonkey? Zorse? 

There’s only one person who can tell us, and that’s Mark Shuttleworth — who will surely be nose deep in a dictionary right about now.

While we wait for the official name to be revealed by Mssr Ubuntu I’d love to hear your educated (and not so educated) guesses in the comments below.

There’s no prize if you get it right (though you will get to sport some seriously smug self-satisfaction for the next 6 months).

Personally, I’d love ol’ Shuttlworth space-face to use the upcoming release to out himself as a scarf-wearing, bow-tie loving Whovian, and name it: Ubuntu 17.04 ‘Zygomatic Zygon’.


This is (naturally) not going to happen, so the TARDIS floor is yours: what do you think Ubuntu 17.04 will be codenamed?

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