A new version of Spotify Web Player for Linux, a desktop app that integrates the web-based version of the music streaming site with your Linux desktop, is available to download.

The developer of the client, Matthew James, did tell me that I didn’t need to herald its arrival with a new news article. September was a busy month for Spotify-related content on this site, so I appreciate that some of you may be bored of reading about apps n’ hacks for it!

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But I couldn’t resist.

For one, the latest release is a v1.0 stable release. Such milestones are always notable.

Secondly, the app benefits from some welcome bug fixes, including keyboard media support, customisable indicator icons, and more:

Besides, the headline is there to help you decide if you want to read the whole article. And as it’s pretty explicit in telling you what this post is about, I suspect few of you got here expecting a write-up of anything else!

I won’t bore you all with a rundown of all the key features in Spotify Web Player for Linux as our previous article touched on all of that, explaining why it’s a unique proposition versus the regular (and official) Spotify for Linux Preview client.

Spotify Web Player for Linux v1.0 Changes:

  • Application performance improvements
  • Improved notification behaviour
  • Mix-&-Match tray icons
  • Options to Clean lyricCache and albumCache
  • New update button to be notified when an update is available
  • Uses a generic icon/supports icon themes
  • D-Bus Media Key support
  • ‘Close to Controller’ option
  • ‘Hide application menu’ option
  • App now remembers last played track/station/album between sessions

Download Spotify Web Player for Linux v1.0

If you tried an earlier version of Spotify Web player for Linux and were left unimpressed by the lack of media key support, felt frustrated by the inability to hide the application menu, or ticked off by its choice of tray icons, I very much recommend (radio DJ style) that you check in with the app again.

You’ll find both 32-bit and 64-bit installers available to download from the project’s GitHub page, linked below.

Download Spotify Web Player for Linux v1.0 for Ubuntu

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