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This doesn’t need a caption.

We launched a poll at the weekend inviting those of you who own an Ubuntu Phone to rate your current “satisfaction” levels with it.

That poll is still open, so if you’ve yet to vote I’d be stoked if you would!

With that in mind it doesn’t feel too ‘off topic’ for me to share a few recent Ubuntu phone & tablet videos that I’ve come across (and thanks goes to Biky Alex for pinging me a links to some of these).

Whether you’re stuck on the commute home, or just bored and curious, here are three short (and not so short) videos from the past week or so that you wouldn’t be a fool for checking out…

Ubuntu Phone: 15 Months On

‘Ubuntu Phone 15 months on’ is a video blog by Chris White. It’s long, clocking in at just over 20 minutes, but it’s also wonderfully comprehensive.

In it Chris runs through his thoughts and feelings on the first Ubuntu Phone as it functions today. Unlike most reviews this one is interesting for two similar-ish reasons: one, he’s critiquing the phone as an actual phone and not as ‘the latest gadget to review for YouTube this week’; and two, it isn’t a breathless whizz-through of something he’s only just got his hands on. He’s lived with this.

“Given where Ubuntu stands in the smart OS marketplace it’s doing a solid job. I can’t fault the system,” Chris says.

I watched the entire thing with a bag of Starburst, and highly recommended that you do the same.

Bq n’ Things

In this video Ubuntu user Wayne Ward walks through the current state of play with regards to convergence and Unity 8 (and in some cases the lack thereof) on the phone, tablet and, more tantalisingly, laptop…


Okay, this is here solely because I’ve finished my Starburst and am now wanting to listen to some ROAM while I type (I love that the WordPress editor lets you play YouTube embeds while you write about them!).

OTA 12 – App Loading Time

This video (from the always-prolific Popescu Soren) shows the loading time (or lack thereof) for opening a slate of apps on the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu phone running the latest OTA-12.

Popescu runs through each app twice: the first time from a ‘cold boot’, the second time from memory. While this video would make more sense had it compared the app loading time pre-OTA-12, it’s still fascinating to see loading bottlenecks persist on a phone that really shouldn’t have them…

Don’t Forget to Ping Us

If you record/find/edit an awesome Ubuntu related video that you think readers would love to hear about, remember to ping us! Between scouring mailing lists, bug reports, forums, code repositories and social media I rarely have time to pay attention to the latest things on YouTube and the like.

When in doubt as to whether I’ve heard about something, shout!

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