clevo laptop indicator for ubuntuDo you run Ubuntu on a Clevo laptop?

If you’re reading this post on a notebook purchased from System76 then you most certainly are, though many other well known electronics companies, including Lenovo and Sager, also rebrand, customise and sell Clevo-made laptops too.

This post won’t be much use if you don’t have a Clevo-made laptop, however.

Clevo Indicator is a Unity panel applet that lets you control the fan speed on your Clevo laptop as well as quickly see the current CPU and GPU temperature on the panel.

The indicator iunlikely to work with any other laptop manufacturer. It relies on reverse-engineered port information from ECView, a Windows application created by an unknown publisher in China.

This Is Not For Novice Users

Please be aware that this indicator require some basic knowledge to get up and running (you’ll need to be familiar with make install process and identifying and resolving any dependency issues).

Obviously it goes without saying that this is not the sort of tool to install idly, and there’s no guarantee that it will work with all Clevo devices (including those that are rebranded).

As I don’t have a Clevo laptop I can’t test this indicator out for myself, so consider this post more of a “hey this exists” notice rather than a fully-fledged recommendation.

Lastly, please pay attention to the Notes section at the bottom of the GitHub page. It contains important information about how this applet works and things you shouldn’t do while using it.

Indicator Clevo on GitHub

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