There are a number of ways to use Twitter on Ubuntu Phone, including a somewhat sub-par Twitter Scope and a somewhat decent Canonical-maintained web-app.

But the latter of these options currently lacks class. Last updated in February, the app currently has a user-agent issue that serves Ubuntu Phone users with an older, bare-bones Twitter mobile UI.

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Canonical’s Twitter webapp vs the unofficial one

Twitter recently revamped its mobile website to better match the look of its native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

But Ubuntu users needn’t miss out.

A new unofficial Twitter web-app brings the super-white new-look Twitter mobile experience to Ubuntu Phone.

Mateo Salta, the app’s author, bills his creation thusly: “Unofficial Twitter webapp using Orga’s webapp container, gives the new twitter web design. Use the twitter interface you are used to, gives access to the new twitter website complete with pictures, gif’s, link previews, ect”(sic).

Oliver Grawert’s alternative web-app container is used by a number of popular Ubuntu Touch web-apps, including the semi-unofficial OMG! Ubuntu! web app n’ (sadly broken) scope bundle created by Ubuntu Phone user Mitchell Reese.

Salta maintains a number of different projects for the Ubuntu Touch platform, including a Command Line Scope and RSS Reader Scope.

This unofficial Twitter app can be used alongside the Canonical Twitter web-app without issue.

Sadly it doesn’t come with all of the system integration the ‘official’ app does. You’ll get no notifications of new @mentions or DMs, and can’t auth through Ubuntu Online Accounts, even if your Twitter account is already added.

If you’re an avid Tweeter and have an Ubuntu Touch device do give it a try and let us know what you think of it.

Twitter Web App for Ubuntu Phone (Unofficial)

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