Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf

And we’re off: Ubuntu 15.10 ‘Wily Werewolf’ is now open for development.

Over the next few days Ubuntu developers will start to rebase and retool Ubuntu ready to begin afresh. Live images of Ubuntu 15.10 for testing and development uses will also start being built.

But don’t get excited: there will few major changes this early on.

“This is fairly good timing, as we’ll have a bunch of new shiny in 15.10, and some time to polish all of that for 16.04, so get to merging and let’s make this another awesome release,” Ubuntu’s Adam Conrad writes in the W series salvo on the Ubuntu Development mailing list.

Auto-sync with upstream Debian will take place first bringing a bunch of updated, libraries and packages, many with Systemd ‘hooks’, plus a glut of issues that will need fixing.

It is not recommend that users upgrade to Wily right now, while developers willing to take the plunge should make sure they’re skilled enough to repair and recover any foo-bar frak-ups that result for diving in.

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