The Humble Indie Bundle is back for a twelfth outing with seven notable indie games in tow.

Unlike last month’s lacklustre ‘Jumbo’ sized offering, the latest pay-what-you-want offer has seen the folks at Humble HQ cook up a generous slice of gaming goodness. The HIB 12 features not one but two BAFTA award winners, a spying debutante and early access to the strangest sim management game this side of Linux Tycoon!

Oh, and every game is available on Linux and DRM free. Huzzah!

The Games

First up is the Linux debut of the stealth puzzle game Gunpoint. This nifty 2D puzzler clocked up a raft of high-end scores from gaming sites like Polygon and IGN.

You also get the 2D top-down hack n’ slasher Hammerwatch and ye olde western-themed platform title SteamWorld Dig. 

Cought up $1 or more to get Steam keys.

Beating the average price at the time of your purchase will bag you an additional three titles: action melee arcade shooter LUFTRAUSERS, the absorbing, affective and BAFTA award winning retro sim Papers, Please and the acclaimed interactive exploration game Gone Home.

Plus, pay more than $10 to get early access to new prison management simulator ‘Prison Architect’.

Physical Bounty

In a first for the Indie bundles, there’s another tier on offer. Meeting or exceeding this amount not only nabs all of the above goodies, plus any late entries, but also some super physical loot in the shape of the Humble Indie Bundle 12 Entertainment System.

humble entertainment pack

Yeah, real physical goodies, including a nerdgasm inducing ‘shareware’ floppy disc, housed in a neat collector’s box with worldwide shipping included!

  • 30-page issue of HIB Informer Magazine
  • Two lapel pins of the Humble Bundle logo
  • Arstotzka Crest from Papers, Please
  • T-shirt
  • Shareware 3.5″ floppy disk
  • Humble Indie Bundle 12 EP (vinyl)

The “downside” is that you need to shell out $65. As steep as this sounds, it’s still an amount less than that you’d pay buying each title individually and you get to help a good cause by splitting your pledge between Electronic Frontier Foundation and/or the Child’s Play Charity, indie developers and Humble Bundle themselves.

Getting It

This bundle is live for the next two weeks, during which time a couple of extra games are expected to be added.

You will need to pay more than the average asking price – currently hovering around $4 — when buying to secure access to them, however.

Whatever level you want to pitch in at you can do so at the official Humble Bundle website.

Buy the Humble Indie Bundle 12

For details on system requirements for each of the included games see the following support page.

Humble Indie Bundle 12 System Requirements