It’s had a fair old run, but after 9 months basking in the sun today marks the end of official support for Ubuntu 13.10 ‘Saucy Salamander’.

Despite the name ‘Saucy’, the changes on offer were rather bland

Those still running it should look at upgrading to the most recent stable release, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Launched back in April, it will be supported with updates on the desktop all the way until mid-April 2019.

Support for the server version of Ubuntu 13.10 also formally ends today.

Saucy Loses Flavour

Ubuntu 13.10 came out last October with Canonical pledging to provide a full 9 months of ongoing security and bug fixes on the desktop. As of July 17 these updates will cease and no further updates or backported packages will be provided.

Canonical’s recommended upgrade path is to 14.04, a transition that can be handled directly on the desktop itself through the Software Updater application or via the command line through the ‘do-release-upgrade‘ command.

Saucy in name, but bland in nature, 13.10 is far from being one of Ubuntu’s more remarkable releases — as evidenced by many of the online reviews at the time.

It was, however, notable for inflicting introducing Smart Scopes to the Unity Dash, adding a keyboard indicator for faster language layout switching, and being the first release to integrate Ubuntu One Single Sign-on into the installation experience.

For a natty visual rundown of all that debuted with it you can watch the compilation video below.

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