If you’re holding out hope of seeing Codemasters’ catalog of games rock up on Linux, you may be in luck.

A community manager for the famed British games company has said that support for Linux is now ‘a matter of when, not if’.

Founded in 1986, Codemasters is now best known for developing and publishing a series of popular racing games on a raft of platforms, including consoles, PC and mobile. Linux is yet to be among them.

Steam User Gets The Ball Rolling

Over on the Steam forums one gamer decided to check in on their plans for Linux going forward, asking:

“Honestly doubt that this is a thing since you don’t have any other Linux games but any chance for support? If not at launch but even post launch?” 

Ben Warwickshire, community manager at Codemasters, replied with refreshing candidness:

“Not at launch but it is something we’re looking at and having discussions around. We’d love to support Linux, is a matter of when not if and for what titles.”

While Warwickshire’s response is far from being the sort of concrete commitment that many within Linux’s band of gaming enthusiasts would like, it’s undoubtedly more optimistic than the ‘we’ll see’ statements other major games companies have given when asked.

One finds it hard to believe such a statement would ever have been put forward had it not been for Valve. 

  • Source: Steam Forum Via Tip Form
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