lubuntu box theme in Unity
Box under Unity

Long time users of Lubuntu will find a bunch of improvements have been made the default theme when upgrading later this month. 

But it’s not only those using the lightweight desktop who will benefit from the changes. The latest release of Box, version 0.45, says it now features ‘full support’ for other desktop environments, including GNOME-Shell, Xfce, and Unity.

The Unity support is particularly thorough, with App Menu controls styled appropriately and a handful of extra icons to cover some popular third-party applications popular with desktop users.


Of more general changes in 0.45, Box adds a dark panel variant, including appropriately coloured icons to match; introduces a smaller version of the Openbox theme it ships with; and adds two sizes of window controls

lubuntu box dark and light panels
A new dark panel is one of several new changes to the look of Lubuntu

Full list of changes since 0.44:

  • Dark Panel GTK Theme
  • Light panel icons for use with dark theme
  • Big & small versions of window controls
  • Complete set of stock icons
  • GTKheaderbar (client side decorations) fixes
  • Full support for Unity, XFCE and Gnome Shell
  • Additional icons for third-party application

Box can be downloaded from the Lubuntu website. 

Download ‘Box’ GTK, Openbox & Icon Theme

Installation will vary depending on desktop environment. For Unity you need to unpack the archive to ~/.themes in your home folder (create it if not there) and apply using a tool like Unity Tweak.

Themes box Eye Candy icon theme