You likely download tens, if not hundreds, of files from the web every week — from images, app installers and documents to videos, music and other media. 

uget screenshotWhile most modern browsers are well equipped to handle the load, with some even offering basic management features like pausing and resuming downloads, some of you will prefer the advanced resources offered up by a dedicated desktop app.

The open-source download manager uGet is one of the most versatile download helpers available on Linux. It includes features for managing, queuing, organising and downloading files en-masse from a host of different sources, including FTP, HTTP and BitTorrent.

Happy Birthday

uGet’s latest release hit the download servers today, and adds additional actions to an already sizeable slate of features. Version 1.10.4 includes:

  • Magnet Link Support
  • GnuTLS support
  • In-App Update Checker
  • “Message Banner” to deliver information on the project
  • Fixes for crashes when loading a large list of urls
  • Improved translations & language support

In addition to the release the project is also celebrating its 11th birthday — and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than giving its latest release a whirl.

Ubuntu users will find precompiled builds of the download assistant on the official project homepage, as well as links to further information.

Download uGet Download Manager

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