Canonical’s online shop has been restocked ahead of the release of Ubuntu 13.10 on October 17th with a number of brand new items.

Amongst those now available are a new look Ubuntu mug and a redesigned mouse-mat that comes complete with a pair of coasters.

Ubuntu Mug
Mouse mat and coasters, meet the new Ubuntu Mug Design

To offer a bit of variety, the mousemat and coasters set is available in two versions: ‘laptop and cloud’, and ‘desktop and server’. Only the coasters differ between them, with the new rectangular mousemat, decorated with Ubuntu’s ‘pictograms’, being identical in each set.

The price? £5.99 per set sans shipping. 

Buy the Ubuntu Mousemat and Coaster Set

The old, bright orange Ubuntu mug was a thing of beauty. It had a rotund shape that felt good in the hand, and it was identifiably Ubuntu from first glance.

The Old Ubuntu Mug
The Old Ubuntu Mug

Sadly the new-look ‘limited edition Ubuntu mug’ isn’t a patch on the old design. Now white rather than orange, it looks fairly basic. This isn’t helped by the size of the Ubuntu logo, which looks slightly too small in proportion to the rest of the vessel.

While a far less compelling buy than the model it replaces, at £5.99 it is cheaper.

Buy the New Ubuntu Mug

New Ubuntu T-Shirts

But it’s Canonical range of Ubuntu-branded t-shirts remain the must-have items for many.

Several new t-shirt designs debut alongside the new ‘Saucy Salamander’ top, including a screen-printed pattern inspired by the ‘Ubuntu Touch’ welcome screen.

New Ubuntu Wearables
3 of the 4 New Ubuntu T-shirts on offer

Three of the new t-shirts – Salamander, Pictograms and Ubuntu Touch – are available in both ladies and mens sizes. The orange dot design is only currently available in mens.

Buy Ubuntu T-Shirts from the Canonical Store

Buying from the Canonical Store

The drawback in buying anything from the Canonical store – be it a lightweight set of stickers or a heavy earthenware mug – is the shipping costs. These remain slightly exorbitant for most outside of the UK (and for many within).

Visit the Ubuntu Online Store

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