Ubuntu Edge is aiming to put more than just a smartphone in your pocket – its goal is for a device powerful enough to double up as a PC.

But how elegant is the ‘convergence’ between smartphone and PC in a single device? Canonical engineer Victor Palau has uploaded a video to demo how it all works using a Nexus 4, a Slimport HDMI cable and a strange looking monitor.

“Although the hardware is getting a lot of the attention, it’s the Ubuntu Edge’s ability to be your phone and your PC that will have the biggest impact,” he says, adding that he’s been running Ubuntu for Android on his Nexus 4 for over 2 months.

But while the “slower processor” in the Nexus 4 coupled with the ‘beta quality’ of the Ubuntu for Android code means that what he presents isn’t as elegant as the final production version will be it does give a glimpse at the simplicity the ‘one device to rule them all’ convergence story brings to the table (or, in this case, desk).

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