humble bundle indie 8Wake up! There’s a new Humble Indie Bundle waiting to have your cash thrown at it!

Yes, I know. It’s not even been a month since the last offering, but this one is special: it brings some shiny new games to Linux for the very first time.

The drill, as always, remains the same: the Humble folks have some games and you can buy them during the next 2 weeks for however much you like.

Games on offer in this latest bundle are:

  • Adventure game Dear Esther*
  • Platformer Capsized
  • The action-packed Awesomenauts 
  • Puzzler Thomas Was Alone
  • Sandbox puzzle game Little Inferno

Pay more than the average price at the time of purchase you’ll also nab:

  • Top-down actioner Hotline Miami
  • Discovery game Proteus

Offer up more than $1 and you get a key to redeem all of the games on Steam.

Getting The Bundle

Head over to the Humble Bundle website to buy the bundle and find further information on the games, system requirements, etc.

All of the games will be available to redeem (‘installed without buying again’) through the Ubuntu Software Center (though at the time of writing only Capsized is showing up).

Go to Humble Indie Bundle 8

*Dear Esther Linux currently uses WINE. A Native Linux port will be released at a later date.
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