Popular PC sport simulation game ‘Football Manager’ will support Linux with its next major release, games developers Sports Interactive have said.

The news means that the upcoming Football Manager 2014 will be the first official release of the series on Linux.

Thanks to Steam, the game will be available to buy on one platform, but install and play on all; you won’t need to buy it again to play it on your Macbook or Windows partition.

Furthermore, the Linux release will support “cross play”, enabling connection with/playing against Mac and PC users.

What Is Football Manager?

Football Manager is a football management simulation game. The goal (pun intended) is to buy, sell, build and train the ultimate football team, play them against others in various tournaments and cups with the aim of coming out top.

The game is made by Sports Interactive and published by Sega and is a continuation of the Championship Manager series started in 1989 by the same developers. Legal fallout from a split with publisher Edios Interactive forced the developers to change the name.

Football Manager is released annually for PC and Mac users, though PSP and XBox 360 versions have been produced in the past.

Football Manager 2014 is expected to see a release date sometime around October.

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