Valve’s Steam for Linux client is now available to install on Ubuntu directly from the Ubuntu Software Center.

The app, which has been in various beta stages since November 2012, is available on both Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Ubuntu 12.10 on either 32bit or 64bit installs.

Although the client itself can be installed (and uninstalled) from within the Ubuntu Software Center all future updates to the app will be handled by the Steam client’s built-in updater, linked to the official Steam for Linux repository.

Up to 80% Off Sale

To mark the release, gamers can save between 50-80% off the price of every Steam Linux title – of which there are over 50 to choose from – until Thursday February 21st.

Don’t forget to join the OMG! Ubuntu! group on Steam to meet fellow Linux gamers, share gaming tips, and take part in custom group games.

Steam on the Ubuntu Software Center

Steam for Linux