Calling all gamers: Canonical are hosting a TeamFortress 2 server this weekend to mark the arrival of Steam for Linux on the Ubuntu Software Center.

TeamFortress 2 is free to download and play, so if you fancy some free fragging fun with fellow Ubuntu gamers here’s how:

How to Connect to Canonical TF2 Server

With Steam open head to the ‘View’ menu and choose the ‘Servers’ option:


When the ‘Servers’ window opens click on the the ‘Favourites’ tab, then the ‘Add a Server’ button near the bottom of the window.


In the IP address field enter the following:

Add the server by clicking the ‘Add this Address to Favo…” button to the right of the entry area.

You’ll now see the Canonical TF2 server listed. Double click on it to begin play.


If you don’t have TeamFortress Installed prior to this you will be prompted to download it.

For gaming stats from the server head over to

Deploy Your Own Server

Further more, thanks to Canonical’s JuJu team, it’s now incredibly simple to get a TeamFortress server of your own up and running.

More information on that can be found hiding behind the button below.

TeamFortress 2 JuJu Charm

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