Ubuntu’s Design Team are reaching out to the community to help design a new icon for Ubuntu’s Software Updater application.

The icons in Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04 are described by design team member Matthew Paul Thomas as creating ‘a usability problem’.

He says that neither provide the application’s dialog with ‘[a] visual clue that this is an official Ubuntu thing’.

Confirming Authority

This problem isn’t new, or without previous address.

An updated ‘Software Updater‘ design, proposed for Ubuntu 13.04 back in December, attempted to address this lack of visible ‘authority’ by way of a shared visual motif with a new icon for the Ubuntu Software Center.

Middle Icon: Current Software Updater Design for Ubuntu 13.04

But Ubuntu’s Matthew Paul Thomas doesn’t think that the icon addresses the problem, saying that it ‘[has] nothing obviously to do with Ubuntu, and [is] a bit of a non sequitur too.”

And so the hunt for is on for a new icon that ‘…communicates that these are official updates for Ubuntu’. 

Contributing Ideas

Ideas and proposals should be posted to the Ubuntu Art Mailing List (see source link).

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and designs here, too and we’ll highlight some of the best in a post.

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