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An Update to the Update App

‘Tweaked’ Software Updater Lands in Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu's system update application has received a refreshed look in Ubuntu 13.04. The new changes, which we wrote about earlier this week, is aimed at making the information displayed to users easier to digest.

24 January 2013

Ubuntu Ask Community to Help Create New App Icon

Ubuntu's Design Team are reaching out to the community to help design a new icon for Ubuntu's Software Updater application. The icons in Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04 are described by the design team's Matthew Paul Thomas as creating 'a usability problem'.

23 January 2013
Rejigged Software Updater

Usability Tweaks Proposed for ‘Software Updater’ App

A redesigned version of Ubuntu's 'Software Updater' application is likely to arrive in Ubuntu 13.04 before April. Writing about the UI tweaks on his blog, developer Michael Terry says that a patch containing the changes has been 'proposed'.

22 January 2013
software updater

Ubuntu 12.10 Renaming ‘Update Manager’ to ‘Software Updater’

For Ubuntu 12.10 the 'Update Manager' tool has been retitled to 'Software Updater' - a subtle retitling that affirms the applications role and purpose on the desktop.

15 May 2012