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Indie Game ‘Amnesia’ Top Ubuntu Download in October

Indie Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent was October's biggest selling paid app on Ubuntu. At $20 the title doesn't come cheap, but its popularity is a testament to its well-structured gameplay and all-out frightening storyline.

13 November 2012
The Fractured World of Bastion

Bastion: Redefining the Classic Action-RPG

Bastion may have been released on Linux over a year ago, but that doesn't stop it being one of the best and most beautiful RPGs available for the platform. It has regularly featured in Ubuntu's download charts, and with good reason. Read on to see why...

31 October 2012

LIMBO Raises the Bar for Indie Games

LIMBO is one of those titles which reminds us that video games can still be works of art. A side-scrolling game with its dark, dreamstate tableau and deliberate lack of storytelling, LIMBO creates a deep and darkly horrific addition to the puzzle genre.

28 October 2012
Psychonauts In the Software Center

Indie Game ‘Psychonauts’ Added to Ubuntu Software Center

Indie Game Psychonauts is now available to buy and install through the Ubuntu Software Center. The award winning platform game is being sold for $9.99, but can be purchased for as little as you like if bought as part of the ongoing Humble Indie Bundle.

12 June 2012
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[Video] Ubuntu Developer Portal gets previewed

One of the many criticisms that the Ubuntu Software Centre has come under since its launch is how difficult it's been to get paid, commercial applications submitted for inclusion in the Paid Apps section. Ever since we released Volley Brawl a couple of months ago, I've had numerous emails from publishers and developers asking me "how on earth did you do that?! We've been trying to contact Canonical for months now to get [game] into the Software Center to no avail." Thankfully it's a problem Canonical are all to aware of, so they've been working on a Developer Portal similar to that of the Android Market or iOS App Store. Developers or publishers can submit their app, add a title, description, price, category and more.

4 June 2011