A beta build of Ubuntu One for OS X has been released by the Ubuntu One team.

The team say that the client will ‘give all users regardless of platform, access to all the great benefits of Ubuntu One.”

Its’ release means that all three major desktop OSes are now able to use Ubuntu One.

Ubuntu is supported by default, and a Windows client has been available for over a year.

Mobile devices aren’t left out either, with file sync apps for for iOS and Android.  A third-party client is even available for Nokia N9 users.

What’s It Like?

So what’s the mac client like? Without raining on anyones proverbial parade it’s pretty much identical in both looks and behaviour to the Windows and Ubuntu versions.

There are no exclusive new features for Mac users to revel in; no Mountain Lion notifications on successful syncing; no fancy drag ‘n’ drop uploader a la Minus.

But as unattractive as that will seem to Mac-exclusive users it’s entirely understandable from a development POV; the more platform-specific features you have the more work you open yourself up to!

Features such as file searching and link sharing are present, however:

You can choose which of your Cloud folders/files are kept in sync with your Mac, and vice versa:

The “file/folder” selection dialog does looks pretty awful, however:

File Selection in Ubuntu One OS X

As an app that runs in the ‘background’ Ubuntu One adds an ‘indicator’ to the Mac menu bar. If you’ve been following our Ubuntu 12.10 updates then it might look familiar…

Missing Features

This being a beta release feature omissions are to be expected.

The client doesn’t (yet) provide Retina-display quality artwork at present, nor does it come with an ‘update’ mechanism for upgrading to new releases (however the team tell me this will be in the next release).

The panel icon could do with some state effects. In this beta is doesn’t indicate whether you’re online, offline, syncing or idle.

Lastly, the ‘Quick List’ for the Dock item is also absent any links:

Download Ubuntu One for OS X

So that’s what it’s like, but how do you get it?

Just point your browser in the direction of one.ubuntu.com/downloads/mac and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, if you’re super-lazy, you can just hit the button below to grab the .dmg of Ubuntu One for Mac Beta instantly.

 Download Ubuntu One for Mac (Beta)

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