Ubuntu’s online ‘Music Store’ is available to access online from today.

The store front, which is powered by online music retailer 7Digital, can be accessed from any web-browser on any device be it desktop or mobile.

Store Front

Buying music from the online version of the store is just as easy as doing it through one of the music store plugins in Rhythmbox and Banshee.

From the front page you can see new releases, top tracks and top albums. A search field lets you find what you want by artist, album title or track name. Prices are clearly displayed throughout, and track previews are readily available. When you want to add something to your basket you just click the ‘price’ button.

When you’ve bought some music it is automatically added to your Ubuntu One account, allowing you to ‘sync’ it to your desktop when you need to.

Limited Offer

To ‘mark’ the launch of the online store Canonical have some goodies on offer. Anyone who buys music through the store from now until the end of October will get six months of free Ubuntu One Music Streaming (normally $3.99/m) and 20GB of free – but temporary; expires after 6 months – space to store files, photos and other bits in.

Sound good? You’ll find the new music store behind the ‘Music’ tab in the Ubuntu One Online dashboard @ one.ubuntu.com

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