We’ve barely had time to digest (let alone play!) the last Humble Bundle event, but already there’s another: the Humble Indie Bundle 6. 

But the good news for gamers this time around is that, unlike recent collections, this latest bundle is packed full of six new-to-Linux titles.

Ubuntu users can, once again, redeem their purchase through the Ubuntu Software Center.

The Games

The main five titles comprise:

  • Acclaimed RPG Torchlight
  • Sci-Fi Platformer Rochard 
  • Physics-based puzzler Shatter
  • Space simulator Space Pirates
  • Steampunk-themed game Vessel

Should you pay more than the average price at the time of purchase you’ll also nab:

  • Platform game Dustforce
All of the games can be previewed in the Humble Indie Bundle 6 trailer:


As ever it’s you, the customer, who decides the price you pay for these games. Want to pay $1? You can. Feel that they’re worth $100? Go for it! It’s entirely your decision.

Further details, along with the all important purchase form, can be found at the Humble website.

Buy the Humble Indie Bundle 6

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